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Almost 3 weeks ago (*gasp* has it been that long?) I was honored with Kreativ Blogger and the Sunshine Blogger Awards by Kristy at Keepin’ It Kind.  I was so excited, overwhelmed, and honored!  You see, these awards are peer-nominated.  Just the fact that anybody out there in blogville knows I exist is pretty exciting to me!  The icing on the cake is finding out that my blog is enjoyed, too. Thank you, Kristy!

The thing with these awards is that they must/need to be passed on.  And it has taken me almost 3 weeks just reading other people’s blogs to know who I want to nominate in return.  (You see, I’m really new to this blog thing…and didn’t have a long list of favorites yet.  I knew a few right off the bat, but ten??  Hence the time lapse.)  It seemed to me that I needed to list 10 blogs that weren’t copy cats of other people’s lists.  As I bounced along Kristy’s list, as well as who had nominated her, and checked out all of those people’s blogs, I also found new lists of people who had been nominated.  I have had a marvelous time reading blogs….and it could become an addiction!  lol  I love funny blogs and recipe blogs best, and if they are combined, I’m seriously hooked.  😀  (But then, I love to read cookbooks for fun, too!)

Okay ~ okay, on to my list of Kreativ Blogger and the Sunshine Blogger Awards (in no particular order):

Project Kale ~ “This project is about a pushy, bossy, know-it-all vegan and all around health nut (Ali), helping a resistant-to-change, cheese-loving carnivore (Ann) transform her lifestyle into a full blown whole-foods, plant based diet loving hippie (well one step at a time).”  Very entertaining with yummy recipes!

Garden Goat Quote ~ An entertaining blog written by a mother of 9 kids.  She can put life into perspective for you and make you laugh!

It’s A Wicked Good Life! ~ A vegetarian recipe blog with wonderful twists of flavor.  Heidi is a fantastic baker with 2 little helpers and a hungry hubby.

Chocolate-Covered Katie ~ This is a healthy vegan dessert blog…that will make you drool.  It never fails that my stomach starts growling when I read her posts!

Garden Me ~ A lovely blog about things she is “passionate about, including gardening, cooking, giveaways, and my Creator’s loving commitment to garden me.”  Very beautiful photography, very relaxing.

Cadry’s Kitchen ~ This vegan blog is worth going to see even if you just watch her hilarious video clips!  My favorites are the “You might be a vegan if…” videos.  Her recipes are fabulous, too.  😀

Tessa the Domestic Diva ~ If you have allergies…of any kind…you are likely to find creatively invented recipes here for things you love.  She has done amazing things!  You will be in awe.

Healthy Blender Recipes ~ A funny and, at times, somewhat irreverent look at healthy eating.  Very entertaining.  There are a ton of recipes for special diets on this blog.  She also includes many give-aways, which are always fun.

Fork and Beans ~ A marvelous gluten-free blog dedicated to making things work.  She, too, has incredibly inventive recipes that recreate favorites from the gluten world.  For those of you who don’t need to avoid gluten, there are often substitutes given so that you can use wheat instead.  Yesterday, I won some gluten-free cookies on her site (cluelessly on my part.)

Oh She Glows ~ A lovely vegan recipe blog, chronicling her “life, favourite recipes, photography, and motivational musings on body-image, career happiness, and self-love.”

Apparently, the second part of this award process is to chronicle certain favorites (think chain e-mail…)

1. Favorite Color – PURPLE, hands down!
2. Favorite Animal – Cats, big and small
3. Favorite Number – People have favorite numbers?  Really?
4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink – Water
5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter – Facebook
6. My Passion – I have several ~ God, family, healthy living, homeschooling
7. Prefer getting or giving presents – Both
8. Favorite Pattern – See #3’s answer.
9. Favorite day of the week – The seventh.  Gen. 2:2 And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.
10. Favorite Flower – Any purple ones that smell amazing!

Random Fact:  I am adopted.

8 thoughts on “Blog Awards

  1. Congratulations, Pixie!!!! I KNEW this would be your ‘thang’. My boss said you had a flare for writing. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks so much for including me in your list! It’s such a delightful surprise. I see a few of my favorites on your list as well. Cara over at Fork and Beans is such a sweet person with a blog that walks a delicate balance of being sentimental, sincere, and fun. I made Chocolate Covered Katie’s cookie dough dip for Christmas, and it was phenomenal. Her recipes are so creative! The photography at Oh She Glows is top notch.

    I look forward to familiarizing myself with the other blogs on your list! It’s always a joy to be introduced to some new blogs, isn’t it?

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