Magnesium Deficiency

This is a MUST see for every person on this planet.  Magnesium deficiency is causing health problems that are easily addressed!  Do you have high blood pressure, stress, depression, bone loss, muscle spasms and/or pain, and a host of other problems, then you will especially want to see this short video.  It may change your life.

Click here to watch video.

How can you fix this problem easily?  Increase your greens and seeds and take magnesium citrate.  Read the book The Magnesium Miracle to learn more.


3 thoughts on “Magnesium Deficiency

  1. As with all things of this nature, it’s always best to find out from a doctor what your needs are for this. Too much can be just as bad as not enough.

    • According to the book The Miracle of Magnesium it is very easy to tell when you have the right amount. If you take too much, you will get diarrhea, plain and simple. Then you back off your dosage until you don’t.

      You see, the produce in this country is so deficient in nutrients due to pesticides and chemical fertilizers that even IF we ate enough fruits and veggies, we wouldn’t get proper levels of magnesium. And it is used in over 300 enzyme functions in our bodies. Certainly, it would be best to get it naturally from organically grown greens and seeds (the best sources), but if we are seriously deficient, it might not be enough at first.

      Check with your doctor, certainly…but know ahead of time that many, many docs are not trained in nutrition. They are trained in symptoms and what medications to give those symptoms.

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