Why I Choose to Use Honey and Still Call Myself a “Vegan”

This topic can be a hotly debated ~ something which I will not engage in on this blog.  This post is just to explain why I, personally, choose honey while calling myself a vegan.  Any comments that are confrontational will not be approved.  Sorry.  My blog, my rules.  🙂

I gave up animal products gradually for health and, eventually, allergy reasons.  I didn’t do it to save the planet, or save the animals (both of which I love very much.) Therefore, my decision to use honey tends toward the health benefits it gives, as has my departure from animal products.

Labels that we give ourselves can get sticky over the years as the parameters morph with people’s opinions of what those labels mean.  I do not eat meat, dairy, or eggs.  I do, however, wear leather shoes (again, for health reasons, since it allows for the feet to breathe and plastics do not) and eat honey.  You see, many years ago, when “vegan” first became a term, I understood that it meant not eating meat, dairy, and eggs.  No one put an absolute definition in the dictionary.  So, I “became a vegan.”  Then more people jumped on the bandwagon.  The parameters began to change somehow.  (I really don’t understand how that happens.)  People became angry if you called yourself a vegan and still ate honey, or wore leather, but nobody created a new word to cover what vegan used to cover!  I suppose I could say I’m a plant-based eater, but that is a mouthful.  It’s easier to just say vegan and not bother to explain details.  Most people really don’t care anyway.

Now – the health benefits.  These I have seen for myself.  I know it kills bacteria, because in my younger days I stirred some into a large container of plain yogurt to sweeten it.  It was great the first day, but when I came back the next, it was a runny liquid mess.  It had killed all of the bacteria in the yogurt!  So I know the anti-bacterial effects.  Next, raw honey has been used on a gum infection in my family with a great healing effect when nothing else was working, not even prescription washes.  When people say it’s anti-bacterial, I believe it.

Here are a couple of links that speak to honey’s benefits:



There.  I hope that clears up why I use it in my blog.  Feel free to substitute something that meets your personal ethics, or join me in using it.


3 thoughts on “Why I Choose to Use Honey and Still Call Myself a “Vegan”

  1. Sounds like you and I are on the same page. I am a vegan for health reasons because I believe that eating a whole foods, plant-based diet is the best diet choice there is! And yes, I eat honey because it is marvelous at fighting bacteria (raw honey especially) and is also a great natural sweetener. I also still wear leather and wear down coats in the winter so I don’t freeze when I camp and hike in the snow. 🙂 Glad there’s another vegan out there on the same page as me. It’s refreshing. Thanks for the great blog with great recipes!

  2. Hi, Pixie!
    I was looking for a recipe of gluten free pie crust and ended up in your blog.
    So nice to read about your experience with veganism. I’m not vegan. I consider myself someone in the process of becoming a vegetarian (at least).
    Being someone who loves to cook and eat (almost anything), I can tell you the recipes in your blog are amazing! So many details… =)
    Regarding honey, though I’m not vegan, I agree with you. The anti-bacterials effects are absolutely amazing. Anyone with throat disorders knows it (myself included).
    Amazing blog!

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