Tex-Mex outside of Georgetown, TX

We so rarely get away from our little neck of the woods and from home cooking.  However, when the time arises, it can either be fun, or frustrating to find good vegan food in an area, or restaurant that you’ve never tried before. The trick is to relax and not fret about it.  Most times, servers are more than happy to help you figure out something to eat as a vegan.

We went to Georgetown, TX, to help our oldest son and daughter-in-law find a house to buy when they relocate there soon.  When lunch time came, the realtor suggested we break for food.  He took us to Serrano’s for Tex-Mex outside of Leander, TX, in an area that Google Maps declares is Cedar Park.  My daughter-in-law was so happy, because she LOVES Mexican food and both of them love very spicy stuff.  I figured I could subsist on chips and salsa, if necessary (and I could do it happily), but hubby isn’t a fan of spicy and was healing from getting wisdom teeth pulled a week earlier to boot.  What would we find to eat?  Of course, hubby isn’t allergic to dairy like I am, so he could manage if need be.  But I mean, when I was growing up Mexican food was nothing without cheese and sour cream.

I shouldn’t have given it a thought.  We ordered a dinner-sized portion of veggie fajitas to split between the 2 of us.  Not only was it spectacularly delicious, but we walked out stuffed!  There is NO way I could ever eat that whole thing all by myself.  Their fajitas come with a side of separate guacamole, fresh tomato salad, and shredded lettuce (and a pile of cheese, but, like I said, we just left that alone.)  There was a big plate of refried beans and rice, a container of tortillas, and a large wooden platter holding a steaming cast iron flat plate of roasted/fried onions, mushrooms, and peppers of all sorts (look out – one of them is HOT and will take you out!  Just leave it on the platter for those who can’t do 12 alarm peppers.  The realtor ate his and had tears in his eyes.)  Don’t forget the chips and salsa, and we ordered a side of guacamole before we knew more was coming with the fajitas.

I didn’t even think to take pictures.  How I wish I had so that you could see the pretty table full of food.  There was a boat-tailed grackle or two wandering through the open veranda where we were eating as he searched for dropped goodies to scarf down.  He would have made a good picture, but by the time I saw him, my hands were too messy to reach for my phone.  (If you have never eaten fajitas, just plan on making a mess.  It’s part of the fun.)

I look forward to going back some day when we go to visit our kids down there.  (And, yes, they found a house only 12 minutes or so away from this wonderful restaurant!)

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