The 12 Most Dangerous Pesticide-Ridden Foods from and Paul Dysinger

Though I haven’t had a lot of time to whip up new recipes to share with you, I did take the time to read a blog post today that I feel I simply must share with you.  The information is important – and even more importantly, you may think you know the information on it already like I did…only I learned I was wrong!  Did you know that cucumbers are on the dirty dozen list??  Gasp!  I did not.  How did I miss that?  What else might be on the list that you might have missed?

For more valuable info, please read his blog post here:


Vegan Potluck News!

Last year there was a brand-new phenomenon on the internet ~ a Virtual Vegan Potluck featuring vegan and vegan-friendly food bloggers from around the world.  It was pulled together by Annie over at An Unrefined Vegan and it was quite the undertaking!  Anyone could go to the website of any of the participating blogs and travel through the potluck posts from there.  If you started at the beginning post, you would go from appetizers all the way through desserts.  If you started at a blog somewhere in the middle of the “table,” you might start at salads and wander your way to desserts and then back to the beginning to read the appetizer recipes.  All in all, it was an epic way to get new recipes!  (By the way, you can still go to the first link I posted above and view last May’s recipes.)

Well, Annie is doing it again, bless her heart!  (It’s got to be a lot of work to coordinate.)  I toyed with the idea of joining this time, but wasn’t certain I knew enough about how it all worked (from the blogger’s end) to jump right in.  However, I was just told that someone had to drop out and there is a spot left ~ and I was asked if I wanted to take it at the last minute.  I gulped ~ read about the how-to details ~ and took the plunge!

So, keep your eye out for a new post at midnight on Oct. 31.  Nov. 1 is when it should all be set up around the world.  You’ll be able to visit them all right from my blog!  I look forward to seeing you!