Vegan Health in the News

This is an important article, folks, that I’m recommending to you.  If the thought of cancer terrifies you ~ make sure you read this.  It is good news for vegans!  Click the title below.

A Vegan Diet (Hugely) Helpful Against Cancer

We need to get the word out about how much safer it is for our bodies when we are vegan.


Agave Syrup Concerns

You will notice as you look over the recipes I post on my blog that I use a lot of different sweeteners (maple syrup, evaporated cane juice crystals, pure stevia powder, and, yes, even honey – which I include in my diet, even though some don’t consider it vegan.  I also wear leather shoes, but that’s another story.)  What you won’t find is any mention of agave syrup.  Why, you ask?

Well, when I first heard about it, I was cautious.  What exactly is an agave plant?  (I live in the Midwest, so we’re a bit removed from first-hand knowledge of plants from Mexico.)  I’m just naturally concerned about new things, because some new things have turned out to be very bad for you (aspartame, anyone?)  It turns out that I may have been right to be slow to jump on the agave syrup bandwagon.

In a lengthy article, Dr. Mercola explains in detail the varied reasons that agave syrup is a problem medically.  Even if you don’t have time to read the whole thing, I highly recommend you at least scan it and glean information.  {Addendum:  Since writing this, it has been brought to my attention that what Mercola has to say may not be scientifically driven as he is said by my source to have a questionable reputation concerning documentation and beliefs.  The rest of what I found seems to still stand.}  As I continued some internet research, I read several websites that shared that the Glycemic Research Institute has banned the continued studies on agave, because of the severe reactions that diabetic participants suffered from it.  However, any links to the original full post about the trial being halted come up with “page not found.”  That isn’t very helpful ~ and I am concerned about any possible reasons for it being removed.  Here is the only blog I found with the full print-out of the original article.  (I have not checked out the entire blog, so this is not a recommendation of it here, just a re-posting of this single page they shared.)

Also found were many articles/blogs arguing that agave syrup is fine, safe, and helpful.  I understand some were written by the makers/sellers of agave syrup.  I saw no particular scientific research touted in any of the ones I perused.

Overall, I believe I will avoid using it.  You will see no recipes on my blog containing it.

Here are two different articles (same author) with many informational links within them that I particularly appreciated ~ this one and this one.

Do your own research.  Make your own decisions.  It is your health and your body.  Don’t just follow the crowd in your choices.

And if I find out any other information, I will continue to update this page.  Please feel free to share any news that you find on this, as well.